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Architectural Simulation

I also do some Interactive Architectural Simulation work. So far my typical process is to sketch the project, then model it in Autodesk Maya or Blender or SketchUp, and then export that out and take it into Unreal Engine 4.

If I’m looking for photo-real rendering I usually take the models into a package like Maya and render out with the Mental Ray rendering engine, which is what I did with the Paris Street project.

I hope you like them!


3 Storied:

This is a project I brought from Maya to Unreal 4. I’m still in the process of populating the house with materials and furniture. Original Design.

Harbor View:

Original Design. I was interested in trying my hand at Architectural Design, and it ended up being quite fun. I built the models in Maya and then brought them into Unreal Engine 4 and built an interactive simulation for it. You can walk through the house in first person; the doors open and the lights turn on and off. I also used the terrain editor to build a a landscape in which to showcase the house.

Lakeside Arborview:

Original Design. This one I modeled in SketchUp, Lightmapped in Blender, and then assembled in Unreal Engine 4.


Paris Street; Rainy Day (recreation of a painting by Gustave Caillebotte)

Created in Maya, rendered with Mental Ray.

Based off of this painting:;_Rainy_Day

More to come.



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