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Video Games

I’ve worked with four different game engines on a variety of projects. To date I’ve used Source (Hammer), Unity, and the Unreal Engines 3 and 4.

There are many examples of my work below. I hope you like them!

Steam Workshop

I recently completed work on another community campaign for Valve’s Left4Dead2. It’s called Simplicity, and it’s built around a unique, minimalist art style where the maps appear to draw themselves as you progress through the them.

I’ll add videos as they come available.


I’ve also done some work with Source Engine for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Here are some samples:

The Western Front (Map):

Chicken Run (Map):

Flashpoint (Map):


Caesar’s Fist:


Note: All modeling and UV credit goes to Valve.


Here’s an example of a recent project I made with Unreal Engine 4.


Prototypes Mark 2 and 3

The campaign is titled “Prototype” and you can get it here:

Prototype Mk2. (L4D1):

Prototype Mk3. (L4D2):

The campaign was designed to present a challenge to even experienced L4D players. So far as I am aware no one has ever beaten it on Expert Realism.

To date the two campaigns have garnered over 21,000 downloads and over 100,000 views.

This is a Let’s Play of the campaign, it’s 48 minutes long but it’s funny. They do some console commands at the end that crash the map’s scripting. If you’re interested in seeing how the ending is supposed to play out please check out the second video.

Here’s a Let’s Play by SG-1 Plays. It runs through the entire campaign and consists of 4 episodes. They’re fun to watch, but I’ve only included the last one here to demonstrate the finale.
Ep4. –



Rocketball is a game I built largely while waiting on renders for FX shots. It is built on the Unity (free) game engine.


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