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Here are some tools I’ve developed while working. Hopefully you can put them to some use. I am providing these to you free of charge. I would like to be credited for it if possible. It would also be really cool to see what you do with them, so if you could drop me a link in the comments or something I’d love to see them put to use!

Particle Sweep Tool

For the MEL script, click Here
For the Maya Python script, click Here

This tool creates an expression on a selected object that sorts the object’s vertices along the Z axis, then sweeps through from one end to the other and emits particles in random directions. I imagine it could be useful for some sort of dissolving or burning effect. By default the vertex sorting occurs at frame zero, so jump your time slider there to recalculate vertices if you need to. The script isn’t ultra-optimized, so the sort function can take a little while. Don’t be surprised if it takes a long time on heavier meshes. If your mesh has millions of polygons it WILL take hours, if not days. I don’t think I’ve ever used it on anything above a couple hundred thousand polys. For testing I mostly used it on default Sphere primitives, and for those it was instantaneous. If you sift through the expression it creates on the object you’ll find it has customizable, clearly named variables that you can use to change the behavior of the sweep.
I can think of a lot of really neat applications for it, and I’d really like to see what you can do with it.

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