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I’ve done a lot of writing.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what I’ve written:

4 Story-Centric First-Person Game Story Scripts
2.5 Feature-Length Screenplays
8 Short Film Scripts
4 Tv Pilots
and I’m working on two books.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the games I’ve written. This is only posted here as a portfolio piece.

Snowman Overkill (Excerpt) – Narrative Game Story-Script. Excerpt is 5 pages.

This is the intro portion of a script for a 1st person action comedy game. It plays a serious, straight-faced performance in an absurdist setting, where you take part in the fight against Evil-Santa Claus and his Snowman Army. Gritty action, except that you fight snowmen. The full script is 64 pages.


Below I plan to post one or two of my short film scripts. If you’re a short-film maker and would like to make a film from one of the shorts , feel free. (the ones below the line) However, I would love to be given a writing credit, or if you edit it at least an “adapted from” credit, and definitely let me know about it, especially if you have a final product. I would love to see it. Thanks!

The Masterpiece – Short film. Drama. Five pages (.pdf opens in tab)

The story of an enigmatic piece of art held for auction in the wake of its collector’s passing.


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